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Sophie Broadbent 
Counselling with Nature
Brighton & Hove


I offer counselling sessions outside in Brighton & Hove parks and coast, indoors in cosy therapy rooms, or online from home. I hope this website gives you some useful background and insight into me and my work. Please email me if you'd like to arrange a free consultation. It would be good to meet you. ​​

  • I specialise in working with:

    • Anxiety, depression

    • Trauma, PTSD

    • Neurodiversity

    • Inclusion (LGBTQIA+ ally)

    • Families, parenting & relationships 

    • Post-natal depression, menstrual cycle, pregnancy loss & birth stories

    • Boarding school, care leavers

    • Criminal justice system, prison

    • Alcohol & substance use


  • BACP Registered

  • Member of the Climate Psychology Alliance 

Beach Chairs


You may be feeling sad, anxious or angry. Maybe you feel deeply low, but it doesn't make sense. Giving yourself some time and space to experience counselling, explore these thoughts and look for meaning is a powerful gift. Counselling will help you achieve a deeper understanding of yourself, and the positive change you are looking for. For some people, it is transformational. 


As a counsellor, I work with people over 18 of all backgrounds who are feeling unsettled, to help them find some peace - and to move forward. I do this by helping to gently talk through what is going on for you right now. Holding space for reflection. Offering tools and techniques for exploration and regulation, and honouring your journey. 


If you would like to invite the natural world to take part as well, and to listen to your senses and your body during the process, then we can gently and simply bring this in. It can be relaxing to see nature around us while we talk: sounds, smells, textures, plant and animal life as it moves through the seasons. Calming to notice our own breathing, feel hands on natural objects, and feet on the ground. 


Sometimes there is something clear to be worked on, and other times it is less obvious. A lot of the time feelings are jumbled up with personal history and the stresses and relationships of a lifetime. You might be unsettled in a relationship(s) at home or work. Have questions about your neurodiversity or sexuality. Be worried about yourself. Concerned for life on Earth. Or have deep traumatic experience(s) which need to be seen. Or you might simply not know what is going on. All of this is valid.


It's important that you explore your thoughts in a safe space and at a comfortable pace, and find the right counsellor to hear you in this moment. If this resonates - please contact me for a free no-obligation chat. I'm looking forward to meeting you.

Meet Sophie


What brought me here

I have always enjoyed meeting people, exploring and adventures. Growing up with a parent in the forces, I moved home a lot and went to boarding schools. Drama and theatre gave me space to explore other worlds, and this led to a career in television production - where I looked to work on programming with a social conscience. I have been privileged to have the opportunity to travel in my job, interview many people, and help document moments in their lives. Acknowledging the depth of the climate and ecological crisis in recent years, I channel fear and hope into activism, and I advocate for sustainable production in the advertising industry. 

When I became a parent in 2011, I volunteered to support other families finding their way through this time of huge change. My own journey of self-discovery and helping others developed into years of continued community volunteering, neurodiversity exploration and counselling training. I am now delighted to offer an open space to listen and help you reflect on your personal experience, to help you during your own life journey and beyond.

I work outdoors and bring nature into our sessions because I find it offers a sense of space, insight and comfort. I like to breathe fresh air, hear the sound of the waves or leaves on the trees, feel the earth in my feet and hands, and wind and sun on my skin. When working indoors many natural and sensory elements can be brought in too. We can be invited to listen to what our natural instincts mean to us. What they are saying, or teaching us.


Having counselling by the beach or in parks comes with many benefits. However, it may not be right for you at the moment. If you'd prefer to work indoors, I use private therapy rooms in central Brighton, Hove and Preston Park. Or we can work online. We can talk these options through together and decide what works best for you. Balancing access to fresh air and the healing opportunities offered by being close to the natural environment with a need for privacy, cutting out travel time, and protection from the weather.

Forest Trees
Why counselling with nature?

Counselling is now widely accepted as an important tool in mental well-being. However, we mostly picture two people in a room, sat opposite each other. This works for some, but can be quite intense and uncomfortable for others - especially if you've had a negative experience of therapy before and/or don't trust it, are neurodiverse and/or prefer to move freely and have less direct eye contact, or have feelings you find difficult to explore.


The health benefits of walking to help your mental health are well documented. Humans are natural beings - and we have evolved mostly living and working outdoors - it makes sense that we feel more comfortable and grounded when close to nature. Feeling the sun and wind on your skin, hearing birds or the sea around you, enjoying trees and noticing the ground beneath your feet helps to regulate emotions. 


Counselling with nature can be described under many names including; 'Outdoor Therapy' 'Walk and Talk Therapy', 'Nature Therapy' and 'Ecotherapy'. The combination created by every practitioner, client and experience is unique. If you'd like more information I've listed some links below which I hope will offer some further insight into what it is and how it might benefit you.

Green Leaves

My Services, Qualifications & Offerings

Nature-based therapy

Outdoors, indoors and online

Tree Lined Path

Counselling Outdoors

In all seasons

Meet at:

  • Stanmer Park

  • Hove Beach

  • Withdean Park

  • Your own choice of outdoor space

Optional items to bring:

  • Clothing for all weathers

  • Something to sit on 

  • Umbrella

Interior Design

Counselling Indoors

Available as needed

Spaces by agreement: ​

  • Private rooms in Brighton & Hove 

  • Online from your home 

  • Available for every session or in adverse weather

Things to consider:

  • Where you feel comfortable 

  • Transport

  • Personal space before & after a session

Writing an application


Ethical practise 


  • 2 year Level 4 diploma in Therapeutic Counselling, Integrative (CPTA/CPCAB/BACP)

  • 2 x 6 month foundation courses in counselling skills and studies (CPTA/CPCAB/BACP)

  • Drawing from many theories including humanistic, person-centred, psychodynamic, transactional analysis, and gestalt. 

Additional qualifications: 

Continuous professional development courses & groups:

Trade body: 

Tree Hugger

Ecology & Creativity

Additional offerings

Ecologically aware:

  • I am consciously responding to the climate & ecological emergency

  • Member of the Climate Psychology Alliance 

  • Limited free sessions for activists

Creative space:

  • I offer creative activities such as art, play, and ceremonies 

  • We can look at ways you'd like to explore inc. photography, time-lines, mind-mapping, dramatisation, breath work and movement

Life can be challenging - especially in times of stress.
Sophie's personalised, knowledgeable support will give space for reflection
on any barriers you are facing,and help you move forward in a way that works best for you.

View from the Top

My pledge to you

Before we begin our work together, I will ask you what you want,

and be clear about what I offer.

I will work with you to explore what you want from therapy, and guide you through the process of your counselling from start to finish. This could be providing a simple space to gather your thoughts, room to look deeply at your past, or reflection on patterns in your present day.


I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and adhere to their Ethical Framework. My therapeutic counselling work is 'integrative', which means it draws from many theories including: humanistic, person-centred, psychodynamic, transactional analysis, CBT and gestalt.

Essentially: I am open-minded and adaptable, and believe each client relationship is as unique as we are.


I offer therapeutic counselling because I recognise the value of a non-judgemental confidential space to explore experiences and feelings. If you are interested in other therapies I will be happy to help explore what might be suitable and signpost you to continue your journey. 

Our sessions will be within an agreed time frame, price and location, and we will set boundaries together before we begin. I will always be open to what you are thinking - let's talk it through. 

Fees & Charges

Sessions are £60ph, inc. outdoor, indoor or online. 

Limited free sessions for climate activists. Other concessions available. 

Contact me for a free consultation

Enjoying Outdoor

Breathe. And relax.
You are on a journey through life. 
Would you like to take some time to reflect?

Contact me for a free consultation

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